I'm organizing a Couch Crash. How do I promote my event?


Whether you are organizing a Couch Crash, a Couchsurfing Camp, or another type of Couchsurfing Global Event, we are excited that you are doing so! We'd love to help you make your event a success.  

To give us time to help you to the best of our ability, please let us know about your event as soon as you create the event page on Couchsurfing, at least 3 months prior to the event. If you didn't see this until now, don't worry - just let us know as soon as possible! 

How we can help support your event: 

  1. We can offer any guidance and advice possible
  2. We'll give you tools to invite travelers to your event. 
  3. We'll feature your event. We'll feature your event on the Couchsurfing website and add your event to the official blog calendar. 

To qualify for Couch Crash support, you must meet the following criteria: 

1. The event must be a Couchsurfing event.

Your event should be a Couchsurfing event and must make that clear in the name that the event is a Couchsurfing event. You can do this by including "Couchsurfing" or "Couch Crash" in the name of the event. To register your event, you also must post the event on Couchsurfing. 

2. All Couchsurfing members must be welcome to attend. 

Couchsurfing is an inclusive community built on trust, diversity, and connection. Every event on Couchsurfing is open to the public, and Couch Crashes are no different. Private event do not qualify as a Couch Crash. 

3. The event must reflect Couchsurfing's values and should be noncommercial in nature. 

The organizers of the event must promote Couchsurfing's values and cannot make a profit off of the event. Couchsurfing events should be accessible to everyone. It's preferable that each member is responsible for all of their own activity fees, etc. and do not pay anything to the event organizers. Communication is key: Be clear about what costs attendees are expected to cover.

 If fees for certain activities need to be paid upfront, attendees should split the costs evenly, or organizers should post the breakdown of the costs and allow members to contribute to the costs through a crowdfunding account or Paypal. 

4. Don't Spam. 

Please do not send unsolicited messages about the event to members who have not previously expressed interest in your event. Similarly, you may not promote your event in groups or local discussions. Doing so will disqualify your event from current or future recognition as an official Couchsurfing event and automatic action may be taken on your account. 

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