Watch out for spam messages


You may receive junk mail, or spam, from time to time. Help us stop spammers by reporting any spam your receive. If you encounter someone trying to sell you something, asking you to donate to a cause, or making a sexual advance, or scam you out of your money with a dramatic story, that's against Couchsurfing's Terms of Use.

Examples of messages that we consider to be spam: 

  • "Hey! Unfortunately, I can't host you, but you should check out this website for cheap hotels"
  • "I would like to see if you can help with this. My friend is collecting photos of people from around the world holding a sign that says "I love you" in your language. We are trying to get someone from every country in the world! Can you send me a photo of yourself holding a sign that says "I love you" and email it to"
  • "I have designed an application for mobile phones and I was wondering if you can test it for me."
  • "hi will you be my friend"
  • "hello beautiful you have lovely eyes. would you like to meet up?"
  • "I want to inform you that if you are learning French, you can check our free blog"

Tip: If you receive any of these kinds of messages, report it as abuse by clicking the report flag at the top of the message. Flags are reviewed by our Trust & Safety so we can track down spammers.

If you need further assistance, please contact our support staff directly.

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