When I report a problem to Couchsurfing, is my report confidential?


Yes. All member concerns are confidential. We will not discuss your specific issue with anyone outside of the support team unless we need to work with law enforcement or seek legal advice.

We will not tell another member that you reported them. However, if we need to take action based on your report, the member may make the logical assumption that you have been in contact with us. For example, if we remove a reference for being outside of the guidelines, the person may assume that it was removed because you contacted us. 

If any action we take against another member might impact the reporter, we’ll work directly with the reporter on a case by case basis to address his or her concerns and the timing of any action we might take. 

We may choose to share anonymous information from member reports if it can help the greater community to protect themselves from a specific risk. For example, we may notify members in certain regions when we have evidence of scammers targeting Couchsurfers in those areas. In these circumstances, we never reveal the name of the person who contacted us or details of the incident that prompted the warning.

Remember, you are helping to keep other members safe and make more informed decisions by reporting unsafe or uncomfortable experiences.

For direct assistance from our safety team, please submit a confidential report.

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