Managing your Facebook connection to Couchsurfing


Why should I link my Facebook account with my Couchsurfing account?

If you link your Facebook account with your Couchsurfing account you will be able to log in to Couchsurfing with one click (using the "Log in with Facebook" button) and you will also be able to quickly add your Facebook friends that use Couchsurfing as Couchsurfing friends. 

Couchsurfing never shares any of the actions that you do on Couchsurfing with Facebook without your knowledge. Also, you can still use your email address and password to Login to the Couchsurfing site even after you set up your Facebook login.

How do I link my active CS account with my Facebook account?

In order to connect your Couchsurfing account to your Facebook account, use the "Connect to Facebook" button found on your Dashboard, or you can go to the Social Networks page within your Account & Settings.


If you are not  logged in to your Facebook profile when you click on this button, you will be prompted to do so in a new window. 

Already connected? 
If you receive a message saying that your Facebook account is already linked to a different Couchsurfing account, you may have created an accidental duplicate profile in the past. This can be fixed by following these steps!
  1. Log out of the Couchsurfing account you are currently logged into.
  2. Click the "Continue with Facebook" button on the Couchsurfing login page
  3. Go to your Account & Settings to disconnect your Facebook account
  4. Deactivate this Couchsurfing account from the bottom of this page
  5. Login to the Couchsurfing account that you are currently using with your email address and password.
  6. Connect your Facebook account to your active Couchsurfing account on your Social Networks Account & Settings page.

If the Couchsurfing account that is currently connected to your Facebook account is deactivated, please write to the Support Team using the subject line "Deactivated Facebook Duplicate" so that we can quickly find your request, letting them know the following information so that they can help:

– The email address associated with your Facebook account
– Your Facebook ID number (you can get your Facebook ID here).
– The email address associated with your active Couchsurfing account


How do I disconnect Facebook from my Couchsurfing profile?

In order to disconnect to your Couchsurfing account with Facebook go to Account & Settings to manage your Social Network connections.

Click on the "disconnect" link and your Facebook account should now be disconnected.


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