How do I become an Ambassador?


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Couchsurfing Ambassador! Ambassadors are a group of globally distributed members who embody the Couchsurfing values and uphold our Community Guidelines in an exemplary way. They maintain an active and positively engaged presence in their communities, both locally and on the road.

Couchsurfing invites highly active members to become Ambassadors. Couchsurfing Ambassadors work closely with Couchsurfing HQ to be the voice of the community and provide feedback on all things Couchsurfing.

We require that members have been active for the most recent 12 months, have a strong history of organizing events (generally at least one per month), have had no safety violations, and have at least 40 references. They should also be active across Couchsurfing, whether that be groups, hangouts, hosting surfers and/or planning Couch Crashes.

If you or someone you know would make a great Ambassador, please fill out this form:

From there, a current Couchsurfing Ambassador will be in touch to discuss the program and determine if you or your nominee would be a good fit for the Ambassador program and what can be done to be more involved in the community before becoming an Ambassador. 

When selecting Ambassadors, we look at a variety of factors. Most importantly, Ambassadors should be highly active in their community through organizing events or Couch Crashes and be respectful of our Terms of Use and Guidelines. They should be spreading Couchsurfing to new members and potential members and modeling what a good Couchsurfer is. We also look for members who are interested in the future of Couchsurfing, and who can share their feedback in constructive, positive ways. Our Ambassadors also must abide by our Community Guidelines. 

If you are selected to become an Ambassador, we will reach out to you personally via email. Please note that the whole process may take a few months. 

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