How do I confirm my email address?


Sorry if you've been having issues confirming your email address! Members currently need a confirmed email address to communicate with other Couchsurfing members. 

In order to request a email confirmation link, you can go to your Account & Settings page and click the "Confirm My Email" link found below your listed email address. 


Confirmation Email Never Arrives

Sorry about that! This can be caused by: 

  • The email address connected to your account does not exist (or has a typo in it):

If you find that the email address connected to your account is outdated or incorrect, you can edit it by clicking the "Change my Email" link on your Account & Settings page. If you do not have a password in order to update your email address on your own, please follow the steps listed in this FAQ article...we can help with that!

  • Your email address (their email server) has delayed or blocked delivery:

If your email is correct, but you aren't receiving the confirmation email, or receiving it more than 24 hours after you request it, your email provider is likely blocking or delaying the emails we are sending you. Please try to whitelist our email address by adding to your email contact list.

For Yahoo email users, in addition to adding to your contacts list, please go to to your Settings and check your Blocked Addresses list to ensure that those two emails are not on that list.

If you've already tried the steps mentioned before, and if this continues, you may need to update your Couchsurfing email to a new email address that can receive Couchsurfing emails successfully. 


Confirmation Email Arrives, but Link isn't Working

Do you see "Sorry, your email confirmation link is no longer valid..."? This can happen for one of two reasons:

  •  You have requested more than one confirmation email and are clicking the link from the 'non latest' confirmation email we sent you

Certain email providers, like Gmail, will collapse similar emails together. Please be sure to give the recently requested email a few minutes arrive, then check to see if the most recent confirmation email has been 'collapsed' into an existing email we sent.


Please note that if you are experiencing email delays, the email confirmation link that you requested may have not arrived yet, while you still have an older, now void, email confirmation link in your inbox.  

  •  It has been more than 24 hours since we sent you the confirmation email:

Please try to request a new confirmation email from your Account & Settings page. If for some reason it is taking the confirmation emails longer than 24 hours to arrive, please see the section above. 





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