Tips to be a Great Couchsurfer!


 Be a Great Couchsurfer

Whether you’re traveling the world, hosting travelers, or making friends locally, being a conscientious and generous Couchsurfer will enrich the connections you make with the people you meet.

Before anything else, be sure to review our  Safety Information and Tips on our Safety page. In addition, check out our Community Guidelines

  • Share something

Be it stories, songs, food or your favorite coffee shop, Couchsurfing is about sharing and connection. Be open to giving, receiving, and discovering the unexpected.

  • Respect Differences

Help make the world smaller and friendlier. The diversity of people across the globe is a beautiful thing, so contribute by respecting and appreciating those differences, be they cultural or otherwise. 

  • Participate

Spend time with your host or surfer. Make new friends and help each other discover new things about the world. If you’re new to Couchsurfing, tap into your local community first. It helps to get to know people near you, so meet other Couchsurfers in your area by joining groups and events. Always offer to split shared costs - the costs of food, transportation, etc. 

In addition, check out How do I travel with Couchsurfing? and How do I host with Couchsurfing? for additional tips on how to make the most of Couchsurfing.

  • Be Neat

Hosts, tidy up your space before Couchsurfers arrive. Surfers, leave it better than you found it. Keep your things in order and always clean up after yourself.

  • Connect

Finding a place to stay is just part of the Couchsurfing experience. More importantly, it’s about human connection. When you write a couch request, let hosts know why you think you’d enjoy each other’s company and what you’d like to contribute to your stay. When you’re there, get to know your host and their way of life. See what you learn. 

  • Be Reliable

If your plans change, let your host or surfer know.

  • Trust Your Instincts

When looking for other Couchsurfers, always carefully review their profiles and especially the references. Communicate through Couchsurfing to get a better sense of who they are.

Check out How can I have a safer Couchsurfing Experience for tips on what to ask a potential surfer/host and how to properly read another member’s profile. If you do have an issue with another member, please read How do I report a problem with another member? Your report will always be confidential.

  • Leave a Reference

Be sure to leave references for people after hosting or surfing! References help other members make informed decisions. Leave truthful references that describe your experience with another member accurately. Remember to review our Reference Guidelines before writing your reference.







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