How do I create an account using the Mobile App?


We're excited that you want to join the Couchsurfing Community! If you would like to create a Couchsurfing account, first download the Mobile App onto your device.

Once it is installed you can either create an account using your Facebook account or you can manually create an account using your Email Address.


First, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.

  • For Android devices: Check your Facebook app or web browser.
  • For iOS devices: Go into your Phone Settings and check the Facebook section as well as logging in to Facebook using your web browser or the Facebook app.

Once you are logged in to Facebook, all you need to do to create an account is tap the "Continue with Facebook" button. 

Note: if you already have a Couchsurfing account and you would like to connect it with your Facebook account, please do so from the website. Once you connect your accounts on the website, you will be able to login to the app with your Facebook account. 

Email Address

To create an account using your email address, tap "Join with email". Enter your information into the registration fields and you should be good to go!

Getting Started

Once you have your new account, be sure to fill it out!

Members with completed profiles have a much better chance of finding Hosts or Travelers to stay with them.

Upgrade your profile and Get verified today! 

To get started, tap into your Profile and then tap the Pencil Icon. Fill out all of the fields so that you have 100% next to all of the profile sections. Don't forget to Save the changes once you're done. 

Add a photo! 

  • Android devices: Tap the "Photos" button from your profile page and then tap "Add new Photo." Once you have uploaded a photo, tap it and select "Set as Profile Photo."
  • iOS devices: Tap the "Photos" button from your profile page and then tap the "+" symbol. Once you have uploaded a photo, tap the photo and tap the "profile avatar" symbol at the top right corner to set the photo as your profile photo.
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