How do I search for Hosts, Friends, and Events on the Mobile App?



To search for Hosts using the app, tap into the Search page from the app navigation bar (iOS) or side navigation drawer (Android). 

You will first be asked to enter a location where you are looking for a host. Once you do so, you will see prospective hosts in this area.

If you like, you can add filters to your search by tapping the Filter button. Later, if you want to remove your filters, you can tap into the filters page and select "Clear". There is no 'search sorting' at this time, but this is definitely something we are considering building in a future release of the app. 


                   iOS                                                     Android


You can search for specific members by going to the Hosts search page, searching for their location, tapping into the Filters page and then by entering their Name or Username into the "Keyword(s)" filter. You may also want to select "Everyone" rather than "Hosts" incase your friend's Couch Status is set to "Traveling" or "Not Now". 


                  iOS                                                     Android

Once you add your filters, tap the "Search" button to go to your search results. 


To search for Events on the app, tap over to the Events search page:

  • iOS devices: it's a tab on the search page
  • Android devices: it's a button in the Navigation drawer 


                       iOS                                                 Android

To change the location, tap the search bar and select a location from the autocomplete results. 

You can then tap into Events search results to view the event, Join or Leave it, share it with other people and to see who else is attending. 


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