How do I report a member's profile to the Safety Team on the mobile app?


If another member is abusing the site or you in any way, you can report them to the Safety Team while using the app. Your report will be confidential and will be reviewed by the Safety Team as soon as possible. Here is how you can do so:

  • iOS devices: go to the Couchsurfer's profile and tap on the orange flag in the upper right hand corner. Selecting "Report" and then "Yes" will bring you to an editable email that will be sent to the Safety Team.
  • Android devices: First, go to the Couchsurfer's profile. Depending on your device, tap the 'three vertical dots' icon at the top-right corner or tap your device's Settings button. This will open a menu where you can selecting "Report" to bring you to an editable email that will be sent to the Safety Team.

The more specific information you can provide in the Report email, the more effective the Safety Team can be in handling the issue. 

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