How do I host on Couchsurfing?


Receiving Requests

As long as your Hosting Availability is set accordingly (to Accepting Guests or Maybe Accepting Guests), you will be able to receive Couchrequests from members looking for a host in your location. 


Offering your Couch

Rather than waiting to receive Couchrequests, you can also choose to offer your couch to members looking for a host in your city. To do so, click to the "Travelers" search at the top of any Couchsurfing page and enter your hosting location.

Scroll through the search results to find a member you would like to host and then click the "Offer to host" link from search results, or from their profile. 

If you want to filter your search by age, gender, keyword, or more, you can do so from the surf page as well.


As a host, what should I include on my profile?

As a host, you should be sure to pay special attention to the "My Home" section when you fill out your profile. This is where you should outline all of the expectations you have for surfers who stay at your home. By putting this information on your profile, Couchsurfers can make informed decisions about who they would like to stay with and whether your home would be a good match for them. 

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Be clear about any expectations you have for your Couchsurfer. Anything that is a requirement to host should be set clearly before hand. 


What hosting guidelines should I set?

As a host, you get to set whatever guidelines you like for Couchsurfers who are staying with you in your home. Sit down with anyone you live with and decide what boundaries you'd like to set as a household. How often do you want to host? For how many days at a time? How many Couchsurfers can you have at one time? Is it ok for them to use the kitchen? Are there any quiet hours, or times when Couchsurfers will need to be out of the house? How much time do you expect to spend with your guests? As mentioned above, you can then add this information to the "My Home" section of your profile. 

Before agreeing to a hosting experience, be sure to share these rules and expectations with your potential surfer. That way, you will all be on the same page about the stay and can enter into the experience with a mutual understanding.


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