How do I Travel with Couchsurfing?


If you're new to Couchsurfing, welcome! We recommend that you quickly review our Resource Center and Safety Tips before starting your Couchsurfing adventures!

In addition, you may want to review these other FAQ articles: 


Once you've understood the about, it's time to start your search! There are two main ways members find hosts on Couchsurfing. They can either created a Public Trip or they can search for hosts and send individual requests to them. 


Create a Public Trip

When you create a Public Trip, all hosts in your destination will be able to see your request in the Travelers search. Hosts can then reach out to you if they want to invite you to stay! Learn more about creating a Public Trips here

Once you start receiving Couch offers, review the host's profiles and references carefully to determine who you'd like to stay with! For more tips on traveling with Public Trips, see this article. 


Search for Hosts

You can search for hosts in your destination by selecting Host search and entering the location where you'd like to be hosted. Be sure to select the dates of your trip - people who do so have a 38% higher chance of successfully finding a host! When you add the dates of your trip, hosts who are busy during that time are automatically excluded from search.  

You will be brought to a list of locals whose Hosting Availability is set to Yes or Maybe for you to browse and submit individual couch requests to. Scroll through to see more potential hosts if none of the locals listed there tickle your fancy. 

Filter your search further by clicking More Filters at the top of the page. You'll be able to select from several options, including Last Login Date, Has Mutual Interests, Gender, and Language. 

Once you've found some you want to send a Couchrequest to, and after you have looked through their My Home section and References and feel that you'd be comfortable with this member, click the "Send Request" button on their profile.


In the Couchrequest form, enter information about your trip as well as an explanation why you picked this member to send a Couchrequest to. Members who personalize their requests and have a grateful attitude have much better success! For more information about writing a Couchrequest, see this article

Once you have sent a request, it will be put in your Inbox, which can be accessed by the Letter icon at the top of any Couchsurfing page. You can then correspond with this member from your Inbox. 


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