What Factors into my Reply Rate %?


The Formula:

Your Reply %, or response rate, is based solely on the Couchrequests (not regular messages) that you receive and reply to through the Couchsurfing website. It looks at the ratio of requests you 'replied to' to requests received in the past 6 months. 

New members start off with a blank Reply %. Once you receive and respond to your first 2 Couchrequests, you Reply % will begin to appear.


Why is my Reply Rate decreasing? 

At this time, replies only count if you change the status of the request to Yes, No, or Maybe in addition to replying (we understand that it isn't currently clear that members need to change the status of the request for the reply to count). Also, since the calculation looks at the past 6 months of requests, your reply rate may change even if you do not receive a request.

Unfortunately, we'll be unable to manually adjust any individual's reply %. Thanks for your patience while we get to fixing this!

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