Phone (SMS), ID and Location Verification


Verified members can verify either their phone number (SMS), Government Issued ID or their location to become Fully Verified. Members must first pay for Verification before they are able to verify their phone number or location. 

When a member views your profile, they'll be able to see if you have verified your phone number, ID  or location. 


Phone Verification

To Verify your phone number, go to your profile and click the "Verify your phone" in the Verifications section. You will then be prompted to enter your phone number (don't forget to select the appropriate country code!) and we'll send a SMS message with a code momentarily.

Right now, we can only verify phone numbers that can receive SMS. In the future, we plan to have a way for members to verify land-line phone numbers as well. 


If you're having trouble receiving the SMS code, please see the section below

Location Verification

To verify your location, we send a postcard to your address with a unique code on it. When you receive the postcard (it should arrive 4-6 weeks after you request it), you can enter the code on the postcard to have your location verified.

To request a postcard, click the "Verify your address" link in the Verifications section of your profile. Please note that your verified location will need to be the location you have set for your profile. 

Once you receive the code, click the "Address verification pending" link in the Verifications section of your profile to enter it!


If you update your location, your location will become un-verified, but you can always request to have a new postcard sent to your new location (using the check box at the bottom of the Updating Location form). You will still appear as a verified member in search as long as your payment is verified. 


ID Verification

ID verification can only be done via the mobile app. If you haven't already done so, please download the app to your mobile device by following these steps. 

Once you are in the app, follow the steps on the dashboard or navigate to your profile and tap on the missing ID verification to complete it. 


Verification not working?

Contact us here so we can help you sort out your issues. Please be sure to include the email address associated with your account and the following information. 

For SMS problems: 

Please let us know the following: 

- Do you see an error message (if so what does it say)?
- What country is your number registered in?
- What mobile provider do you use and what type of SMS plan do you have?
- What is the exact format you are entering your number in the form?
- Have you tried entering your number using a different web browser (What browsers have you tried)?

For Address verification problems:  

If your received a postcard and are unable to enter the code, or if the code isn't working, please send us the address listed on the postcard and the code you received. We can manually verify it for you.

If you are having trouble requesting a postcard, please send us:

- Your full mailing address, as you have been formatting it in our location form:

    Street Address, Apartment/Building, City, Region, Country, Postal Code

- A link to your Couchsurfing profile

See this example. 

Once we have some more information from you and once we can find your location, we can see what is causing this issue.

For ID verification problems:  

If you are having issues verifying your ID or are still waiting for the process to be done, please send us the details via the Help Center and we can manually verify it for you or help you resolve any issues. 


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