Why was my event deleted?


The Events page on Couchsurfing is meant to be a forum where travelers and locals can meet up and explore the city or countryside together. It is not meant to be used to find hosts, surfers, or for commercial or business use.

Commercial Events

If you created a Couchsurfing event that has been deleted, it is most likely because it is considered to be a Commercial event. Commercial events are any event where the creator is attempting to use Couchsurfing for financial gain (either directly or indirectly) or to grow a business, organization, or brand. 

What is not allowed:

  • Party promotion, where the organizer is attempting to gain financially
  • Bar promotion, where the organizer is attempting to gain financially
  • Business promotion
  • Tours that charge a fee
  • Any event that includes a cover charge, if the organizer is collecting or receiving a percentage of the cover charge
  • Lessons, classes, etc that cost money to attend where organizer is collecting the money

What is allowed:

  • Splitting gas/food costs (this should be clearly outlined in the event description)
  • Letting members know that the event has a cover charge or fee

Please note that event removal is up to the discretion of the Couchsurfing Support and Safety team and is not usually reversed. If you have questions about how to create appropriate events in the future, please contact us by filling out a support ticket here. We only remove events for commercial reasons if we have adequate proof. If reporting an event to us, please note that we are unable to take action based on hearsay.

Events That Should Be Public Trips

Another commonly deleted event is an event that should be a Public Trip. If you would like to find a host in the location you are traveling to, please create a Public Trip, not an Event. When you create a Public Trip, your request can be found by other members (Hosts) in that location through the Travelers Search section of the website. Hosts can then choose to invite you to stay with them.

To create a Public Trip, you can click the "Create a Public Trip" link in the "My Travel Plans" section of your dashboard. 

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