Why is a reference not appearing on my profile?


References you left for others only appear on their profiles

With the updates to profiles, references that you left for other members will no longer appear on your profile. References that you left for others currently only appear on their profile.

That being said, members can now 'respond' to references they have recently received, and these responses will appear publicly on your profile (coupled with the reference your are responding to).


Other than that, there are two possible reasons why a reference that has been submitted isn't appearing on a particular profile: 

Waiting for the other member to submit their reference

This section only applies to official Surf and Host references. After a confirmed trip, both members will be asked to leave a reference for the other. Both members have 14 days to submit their Surf or Host reference.

Once one member submits a Surf/Host reference, it remains hidden until the other member submits their corresponding Surf/Host reference (Personal references will not make the pending Surf/Host reference appear). If the other member doesn't submit a reference, after 14 days the original reference will be automatically published.

Personal references are published immediately. 


The reference violated the Reference Guidelines

In very rare cases, references are removed if the violate our Reference Guidelines. If you believe your reference was removed for this reason, please feel free to contact us and we can help.  


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