Updates to the Reference System


References are a powerful snapshot of Couchsurfing experiences, and our community writes more than 1 million references each year. People write references to express gratitude or provide helpful feedback, and they read references to learn more about people they haven’t met yet. Because we believe references should be as timely, honest, and relevant as possible, we’re happy to announce that we have rolled out some enhancements to the Reference system. 

Because people have mixed and varied experiences, we removed the “positive” and “negative” designations going forward. Instead, your reference highlights when you say you would stay with or host someone again. 

We also introduced a profile map to mobile devices. We believe that you should be the focus of your profile. Your map is a way to show off all of your Couchsurfing experience at a glance! The more you host and surf, the more shaded regions you’ll have in your map. Checking out the map on a potential host or surfer’s profile is a fun way to find out if they have hosted or stayed with people from the places you’ve hosted or stayed. You can get a sense of someone’s Couchsurfing experience just by looking at their map.

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