Verification Payment Questions


How much does verification cost?

We currently offer Lifetime Verification for $60 USD. This means you pay only once and your account stays verified for life! No future charges, no subscriptions, no hassle! You can see the price of verification in your own local currency by changing the currency in the bottom right corner of the payments page!

We no longer offer an Annual Verification option. If you had this subscription previously, you will be allowed to keep it and continue to pay every year. 


Can I get a refund?

The easiest way to request a refund is by filling out this form. We offer refunds within 7 days of the purchase date or 30 days of the renewal date for annual subscriptions. Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds for transactions outside of this refund window. Please note that this will remove your verification, as we do not verify profiles without payment. 

If you accidentally paid twice for verification, please indicate this in the form and we will be happy to refund one of the transactions. This can sometimes happen if the button is clicked twice. 


What is the payment for?

Verification is our subscription program that allows members to verify their ID, phone number and address! It also grants members access to unlimited messages, priority support, and access to the newest Couchsurfing features! Take a look here for more information! 

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