What are the benefits of verification?


Get Verified today! 

Thousands of Couchsurfers connect every day to share conversations, experiences, and homes. However, before strangers can turn into lifelong friends, there is one thing they have to do first-  trust each other. Becoming verified is a simple way of saying "Hello! I am who I say I am." 

You should verify your account because ... 

It demonstrates trust. 

Verified accounts demonstrate that you are a real, live human! Allowing us to validate your phone number and government-issued ID confirms your identity to others.  

It gives you 24/7 access to our team. 

Verified accounts are given priority access to our support from our Trust and Safety teams. This means that no matter where you are in the world, someone from our team is online and ready to answer your question! 

It highlights your profile.  

Verified account profiles are featured in bright green. When members view your profile, they immediately see that your information has been validated by our team. In addition to highlighting your profile, all of your activity across the site will display your green verification badge. 

It unlocks unlimited messages. 

Verified accounts are given the ability to send unlimited messages to members. Non-verified accounts are given a limit of 10 introductions per day. 

It showcases you in searches. 

Verified accounts appear in the "Verified" search filter across the platform. Many members use this filter to prioritize verified members whether they are looking for a host, or finding other travelers to connect with.  

It shows love to our team. 

We are a small but mighty team here at Couchsurfing, and verification is one of the ways we earn revenue. 

I'm ready! How do I verify my account? 

Couchsurfing members can upgrade to become verified by either completing a one-time payment or earning free access through hosting. When you pay to become a verified member, you pay once and it’s valid for life. Why wait, verify now!

Still need more information before deciding? Contact our Support Team who'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

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