What is Verification?



Members who go through the verification process confirm that they have an active bank account, valid phone number and verified home location, as well as verifying a person's identity. Additionally, you will be able to send unlimited introductions. Learn more on our Verification page. Verification gives surfers a better piece of mind that their hosts lives where they say they live.

When you get verified, you will be sent a postcard and a text message with a code to verify that your address and phone number is valid. 

Why should I verify my account?

By verifying your account, you allow us to confirm that you have a valid phone number and address, as well as your identity. We find that verified members are real people that take Couchsurfing seriously enough to offer money towards the organization. 

When a member views your profile, they'll be able to see if you have verified your phone number or location.

Verification is also way that Couchsurfing makes revenue in order to keep the site running (it costs a lot of money to run a website of this size). By verifying your account, you're supporting Couchsurfing!

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