Getting Started for New Members


Welcome to Couchsurfing! Thanks for joining our community.

1. Complete Your Profile

  1. Create  an account
  2. Contribute monthly or annually 
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Fill out your profile
  5. Upload photos
  6. Verify Your Account 
  7. Connect your account to Facebook 

2. Review Safety Tips

3. Find a Host

  1. Search for hosts or create a Public Trip
  2. Review potential hosts’ profiles - do they seem like a good match? Do you meet their hosting criteria? Do they seem friendly and welcoming?
  3. Read References
  4. Write a Couchrequest
  5. Enjoy your trip!


4. Offer Your Home

  1. Update your Hosting Availability
  2. Invite travelers or respond to Couch requests
  3. Review potential surfer's profiles - remember to read their references
  4. Have fun! 

5. Leave a Reference

  1. Review the Reference Guidelines
  2. Should I write a negative reference?
  3. Submit your reference. 

6. Always Remember our Community Guidelines:

  • Respect Others
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Don’t Spam
  • Don’t Go Looking For a Date
  • Don’t Charge for Your Couch or use Couchsurfing for Commercial Purposes
  • Don’t Let Anyone Under 18 Use the Website
  • Don’t Create more than One Profile
  • Surfing is a Privilege, Not a Right



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