Why am I not appearing in Search?


Common reasons you may not appear in search:

  1. You have an accepted or confirmed Couchrequest during the dates you or a potential guest have selected. If you can accept multiple Couchrequests at the same time, please go to Edit Profile > My Home > Multiple Groups per Night Okay
  2. The website is not able to find the location you set for your profile (due to the way it was entered. 
  3. Your location is more than 10KM away from city center. The default radius for host search results is 10KM. You can change this radius on the Host Search page under "More Filters". 
  4. You have an old "Hide in Search" setting. You can check this and turn this off here.
  5. You have recently received a Couchrequest. Hosts are temporarily removed from Host search results after receiving a Couchrequest to give other hosts a chance to receive requests.

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Location Issues

If the website is having trouble locating your location, please try to update it. Once you update your location and save, your profile will be assigned to the correct location (given a few minutes). To update your profile's location please visit your Account & Settings page and click on the "Edit/Verify Your Location" link.

To update your location successfully, be sure to check out the steps listed in the "Having Trouble" section of this FAQ article.

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