I received a Conduct Warning. Why?


If you have received a Conduct Warning from Couchsurfing, it is because we have noticed that you may be using Couchsurfing in a way that violates our Community Guidelines. You may have been reported by another member, or your profile may have been automatically flagged by our system. 

We want all Couchsurfers to have great experiences and want you to be aware of how others perceived their time with you. Please do not reach out to recent guests or hosts to inquire about this report. Doing so may be considered a violation of our Community Guidelines and will lead us to take action on your account.

We appreciate your use of the Couchsurfing and want you to remain a member of the community. This notice is only to alert you to the concerns we've heard from others. If we receive additional reports of similar nature, we may take further action on your profile without notice. 

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