How to Use Couchsurfing Hangouts


Hangouts allows you to see nearby Couchsurfers that want to hang out whether you’re in your hometown or halfway across the world.


1. Download the Couchsurfing iOS or Android application. 

2. Open the Couchsurfing app and choose “Hangout Now” from your dashboard. Once you’ve done that, you can either:

  • Make yourself available by sliding the button in the top right to green. Once you’ve done that, you can browse other Hangouts by closing the availability screen. If you’d like to join an existing Hangout, just hit the “Let’s Hangout” button. Once someone in the Hangout has accepted you, you’ll be able to chat with them in the Hangout window to plan your excursion.
  • Set your status to something you’d like to do and wait for others to join your Hangout. You can do this by either selecting one of the existing options or typing your own. Once you hit the “Update My Status” button, your Hangout will be available and others can request to join. You (or someone already in your Hangout) will need to accept them so you can chat.


You can also view a video overview here: Also, review Couchsurfing’s safety pages to ensure you have a fun and safe time.

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