How can Hosts earn Verified Membership?


Couchsurfing Hosts are the backbone of the community, and we firmly believe that hosts should not have to pay to get the most out of Couchsurfing. Starting March 1, 2017, every time you host, you will earn 3 months of Verified membership.  

What counts as a stay? 

For our system to correctly recognize your guest's stay and award you with 3 months of Verified membership: 

1. You must have a Couch Request or Couch Offer that has been "Confirmed"

2. Both you and your guests must have written references for the stay. These references must be "Host/Guest" and not "Personal" references. 

3. It must be the first time you have hosted this member. 

How much free Verified Membership can I earn? 

You can accrue up to 12 months of free membership at a time.

What if I am already Verified? 

If you are already Verified, you can still accrue up to 12 months of free Verified Membership. Your free months of Verified Membership will go into effect when your subscription ends. 

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