How To Organize a CS Meeting


So you have decided you want to start organizing a regular CS meeting in your community? Great! Regular meetings are a great way to meet both travelers and locals and strengthen the CS community in your city! Our Ambassadors have a lot of experience organizing weekly meetings and have contributed to this FAQ to help get you on your way!


-Choose a place that is central and easily accessible by public transportation

-Consider a location that allows you to reserve a space or is generally not too busy so that CSers can mingle and meet each other

-As some people will be coming from work, consider choosing a place that serves food

-The first time, choose one place and see who comes and then you can get ideas for different places that would work for future meetings. You should consider alternating between local bars, cafes, restaurants, that other local CSers recommend. This will allow people to experience different neighborhoods, foods, locales, etc.

-Consider a place that has a lot of standing room (not tables!). This will encourage people to move around and meet many people and not be seated at one table the entire night


-Make sure the location is large enough to accommodate the number of people you expect (based off the attending in the CS Event)

-Choose a place in which the music is low enough that you can hear people talk

-Some people come to meet and talk, some to go out and start their night. You may want to consider having a second location after the meeting for people who want to continue the night (a bar or club that is close by and easily accessible)

-Consider a place that isn't alcohol focused. A cafe, potluck at a park or community space, or a trip to a local museum or hikes are all great meet-ups that don't center on alcohol!


-Set the meeting after working hours so local hosts can attend but not too late, as many people won't want to stay out late if it is a weeknight. 6p-8p is typically a good time table.


-This will depend on the size of the CS community near you. Some large cities can easily sustain a weekly meeting. Smaller cities or quieter communities may have better attendance with an every-other-week or monthly meeting.

-Alternating the night of week will ensure that locals who work certain nights or have prior commitments aren't consistently excluded.

-Alternating between a weekday (Monday - Thursday) night and a week end (Friday-Sunday) will ensure that members who work in nightlife or evening shifts will be able to make some meetings!


-It's best if there is some sort of sign, banner or flag to indicate where you are meeting.

-In the event explain where exactly you will be in the bar but if you can get something that will be easily noticeable, it may help travelers and locals find you more easily.


-Arrive 15 minutes before the start time just to make sure the area is set up and you are there to welcome the early arrivals. This also gives you time if you need to put up a sign/flag, lay out name tags or set up anything for an icebreaker! 

Get Help!

-You may be the first one to organize the meeting, but it is easiest if you find other active members who are interested in sharing the responsibility. Alternating who hosts the meeting, or agreeing to all be there early to set up will help make the set-up and maintenance of a weekly meeting more manageable! 

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