Existing Members: I have paid to support Couchsurfing in the past, do I need a paid subscription?


First of all, let us tell you how grateful we are that you have previously supported us. Couchsurfing wouldn’t exist without you. Thank you!


The product you purchased when you previously made a payment was Verification. You still have access to this product based on your previous payment. We have not changed the way Verification works. 


We are asking everyone who uses Couchsurfing, independent from the Verification status, to sign up for a subscription. This means that if you previously purchased Lifetime verification, you’ll keep your Lifetime Verification but you'll need to complete a monthly or annual subscription payment to access the platform. 


To check on your membership status, please access your account settings and then click on the "Membership & Contribution" section. You can also get straight there with this link:



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