Difference between a subscription and Verification?



Your Couchsurfing subscription is a way to financially support the Couchsurfing community and Couchsurfing’s global mission. You can choose between a recurring monthly or recurring annual plan.

Subscriptions are required for hosts and guests alike so that others may safely experience the joy of travel and Couchsurfing’s unique, global community. You will be able to travel the world by surfing with hosts, rediscover your city via local events/hangouts, and share your home/city by becoming a host.


You can upgrade your profile and become a Verified member which will unlock features like Mobile Phone Verification, and Government ID Verification. This will increase your profile’s trust level which can make your interactions on our platform more meaningful and rewarding. Please note that an active subscription is required regardless of your verification status. Learn more about the benefits of Verification here

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