What can I expect when I request for all my data to be deleted?


We give every member the option to have all their data deleted from all our systems. This is what GDPR offers to all European citizens and we extend this to the rest of the world.

If you want to have all your data erased from our system please contact our support team and they'll handle this request for you. 

What does this really mean "to delete all data from our system"?

We will erase everything that you submitted to our website. This includes all your personal information (name, email, phone, address, about me description, payment details, photos, couch information, group posts, events, comments, etc)

So this literally means that all your information will disappear. 

Note: This also means that we will remove references that you wrote on other people's profiles

Can this be undone?

No, the deletion is permanent and there is no way for us to recover your data. The point is that we give you "the right to be forgotten" (that's what GDPR is about).

So if you're not sure whether you might want to come back, please consider just deactivating your profile for now.

Note: Deactivating your account will still hide all your content and make it impossible for people to know that you once had a Couchsurfing profile. 

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