Introducing Message Filters!


We are excited to introduce a new messaging feature on Couchsurfing! In order to streamline your inbox and reduce clutter, you now have the option to select the types of messages you receive. Your ability to prioritize your inbox will help you make more meaningful connections.


How to Use Message Filters

1. Log into your account using a web browser (this feature is not currently available on mobile apps, read more here). 




2. Select the "Inbox" icon in the navigation bar, and select the “filter” icon on the far right.  



3. Set your filters based on your preferred criteria. 



4. Visit your Inbox and you will see various tabs. Messages and requests that match your message filter criteria will go into your “Main” inbox. 



5. Messages and requests that do not meet your filter criteria will be filtered into the “Message Requests” inbox. 


6. If you choose to respond to a message in your “Message Requests” inbox, it will be moved into your “Main” inbox. Once a message is moved into your Main inbox, you cannot move it back into Message Requests (but you can still archive it). 


Do you have more questions about message filters? Check out our FAQ on this new feature here

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