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Have you heard the news? Couchsurfing just launched a new feature that allows members to apply filters to their messages and couch requests. You can read more about how to use the new feature by visiting the "Introducing Message Filters" article.  


Already read the article and still have questions? We have you covered! Read more below. 


Managing Your Inbox

What happens when you adjust your message filters? 

When you make adjustments to our message filters, it will filter all messages from members who don't meet those criteria and move them into a separate, hidden inbox called "Message Requests."  Members who do meet that criteria, their messages will go straight to your Main inbox. 

For example, if a member only wants to interact with members who have a verified account, and have hosted at least once, all members who message them and do not meet that criteria, their messages will be moved into the “Message Request” inbox. 


What happens when I respond to a filtered message in my 'Message Request'  inbox? 

Once you respond to a message request, it will move the message into your “Main” inbox. Once a message is moved into your Main inbox, it cannot be moved back into the Message Request inbox. 


Can I manually move messages back to the 'Message Request' inbox?

Unfortunately, not. Once it has been moved over to your active inbox, it cannot be moved back. However, you have the option to archive it. 


If a member has messaged me in the past, and they message me again (but are now outside of my message filters), which inbox will their message go into? 

Message filters only work for members who are contacting you for the first time. If a member has messaged you previously, and you no longer want to view their message in your main inbox, you can “archive” it which will move it into a separate inbox. 


Couch Requests

If I change the status of a couch request to 'Declined'  in my 'Message Request' inbox, will it move the request to my active inbox?

No. You can decline a couch request and send a single message (e.g "These dates don't work for me, good luck!") and the request will still remain in your message request inbox. If you send more than 1 message, it will move it to your active inbox. 


If I change the status of a couch request to 'Maybe / Accepted'  in my 'Message Request' inbox, will it move the request to my active inbox?

Yes! If you decide to accept a couch request from your' Message Request' inbox, it will automatically move it to your active inbox. 


Do message filters include couch requests? 

Yes!  Message filters also include couch requests 


Will applying message filters impact by response rate?

Yes. All messages (including filtered ones) are used in the algorithm to calculate your response rate.  



Will I get notifications when I receive a message that does not meet my filter criteria? 

If you have your notifications set to receive an alert when you receive messages, you will not receive a notification for messages outside of your filter preferences. However, you will see a number next to the inbox, which will indicate how many requests are new (only on a web browser). 


Do members receive a notification that their message has been filtered?

No. Members are not alerted when their message has been filtered. All messages appear as sent to the sender and are then filtered into different inboxes for the receiver. The message filter criteria are only visible to the account holder. 


Mobile Apps

Do the message filters I set on a web browser carry over to my inbox on the mobile app?

Yes, if you set your message filters on the web, you will only receive filtered messages in your mobile app inbox. However, you will not be able to review the “Message Request” inbox on mobile. In order to view that inbox, you will need to log into your account using a web browser. 


How can I adjust my message filters using the mobile app?

As of right now, this feature is only available on the web browser version of Couchsurfing. Please log into your account using a web browser in order to view and adjust these filters. 


After I adjust my messages filters on a web browser, will my messages on the mobile app still be filtered? 

Yes, if you have adjusted your message filters on a web browser, only filtered messages will appear in your inbox on the mobile app.


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