How do I sign up and get started on Couchsurfing?


Sing up

Thank you for your interest in registering an account with Couchsurfing! To get started, go to

  • Click "Join with Email" and complete the registration form to create an account, or
  • Click "Join with Facebook" to create a Couchsurfing account using your Facebook account


Choose a Contribution plan: 

Your Couchsurfing contribution is a way to financially support the Couchsurfing community and Couchsurfing’s global mission. You can choose between a recurring monthly or recurring annual contribution. Contribute today! 


Get Verified! Click here to learn more about Verification. 

Completing your Profile

First things first:

Members have a much better experience on Couchsurfing if they complete their profile. A Couchsurfing profile is your face in the CS community, and it's also the first place to start creating positive experiences. Check out the Help Center to find tips to get you started on making a great profile!  

To start adding to your profile, go to your Profile and click the Edit Profile button.


You can also go to your Account & Settings pages to update your account information and settings. For more information on completing your profile, click here


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